Saturday, 5 August 2017


 T-shirt- HUF, Sneakers, Socks- Nike

Finally, I can call these Air Max 95 mine. They are really one of my favorite pair of sneakers ever. I love everything about them, okay, they are not as super comfy as Nike Air Presto, but they are so beautiful and slight inconvenience is excusable. 
Yesterday I had tom boy mood, that’s why I wore my new T-shirt from HUF, I wanted to have something from this brand for a long time and finally I got a chance to have it. The quality, color and everything else is on fleek. I thought that I should add something black and white so the outfit doesn’t look boring so I added a pair of long socks, they make more this outfit chicer, and gives my look a real 90s style and also I just like how they blend with my sneakers. 

Here the fashion minute comes to an end and I want to finish this post with some inspiration words. 
I don’t want to write a lot, just want to say they YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW YOUR PASSION, even if other say that it’s a bull shit, just do what you do, it’s important. 

For example, look at me. I have already kept this blog for 6 years, 6 fucking years, this is more than some people live. I take photos, write huge posts, which almost nobody reads and without big popularity, I mean I’m not famous, I'm not asked to advertise something, I don’t have thousands of subscribers on Instagram, I don’t earn money from the blog and more other things. But I don’t want stop doing this, I really love doing all these photos, write what I think, share my goodness. My blog has become a cozy place first of all for me, here I can keep my warm memories, here I can go back, looking through life, reading the thoughts of a little Katya and see how I changed during all these years. Of course I want to become a famous blogger with huge audience, to hear feedback from others and maybe it will happen someday. But even if this does not happen, it’s not a problem. This blog makes me already feel happy, at this moment and also when I’ll be old I will have opportunity to conquer the temporary space, to return to my 20 years and to stay for a while in my past. My blog is my time machine. Isn’t this cool? 

Just wanted to say, please, do what you love to do. Because only labor of love makes humans life happy!

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