Saturday, 12 August 2017

CINEMA DAY: Mr & Mme Adelman

Welcome to the new rubric. Every Saturday I’m goanna do a recap on one of my favorite movies. I love to watch movies, they are my addiction as well as books, photos, food and fashion. I have a lot of amazing films which I want to share with you. Tha’s why I think this rubric will be very interesting, with a lot of great films and without any bullshit. 

Mr& Mme Adelman (2017) by Nicolas Bedos (it was his first directing work) 
This film is about love, first of all. No, it’s not a typical melodrama with stupid jokes and predictable ending. The film shows 45 years of Victor’s and Sara’s life. He is a writer; she is master in classical literature. Like all other stories, it begins with passion and love, then comes quarreling, hate, children, then love again, then hate, then drugs and love, then hard period in their life, then love again and then memories. This film is like a thin thread that stretches through the life of Victor and Sara, starting with their acquaintance and ending with death and revealing the riddle about how after all were written all the recognized and great Victor’s works. 

I love how this movie is filmed. I love scenery, actors, jokes. I love how they showed love, crisis in relationships, stagnation in creativity, how they tried to solve the problems, how they fought for their relationship, how they tried to be happy and finally I love how they showed that love is fun, life, death, everything, anything but boredom. This film is about the eternal: about relationships. It gave me shivers; I want you to feel them too. 

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