Thursday, 31 August 2017


The end of the summer for me is like the end of the year. It’s the perfect time to summarize everything what has happened. My every summer is full of traveling and the next summer is always better than the previous one, although it seemed like it can’t be better. Previous summer it was Italy and its magical cities, starting with north and finishing with south. 
But this post is not about previous summer, it’s about this one, which changed me and made me better person. This summer I visited 4 countries (Germany, Hungary, Austria, Poland), 11 cities (Hamburg, Potsdam, Berlin, Dresden, Bad Muskau, Bautzen, Gorlitz, Wroclaw, Bunzlau, Wien, Budapest) and I can’t get enough, I want more. Of course I’m already very thankful about everything what has happened, coz my life has transformed into a paradise. Now I know what makes me feel happy - travelling with my loved ones. And already now I’m thinking about my next trip, and I have already made a wish list on countries I want to visit and I set a goal that till the actual end of the year 2017 I need to visit at least one new country in order to finish this year like a very lucky girl. 
Today is the last day of summer 2017, it’s a little bit sad, I hate autumns here in Moldova, it’s always very grim and sad, but unfortunately I can’t stop the flow of time, that’s why I choose to stay happy andto be in harmony with myself even though it’s cloudy outside. 
I have some photos from my last trip to Dresden, namely from Neustadt, coz I like it better then Altstadt, which always is full with tourists, and I want to share these happy faces and beautiful street art with you, to walk summer out and to say big thank to all people, who made me happy, or not happy, who was near me and with whom I had a great time. The best is yet to come.

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