Saturday, 19 August 2017


Couple of days ago I watched a movie, which I want to share with you now. Life in a Day (2011). This a documentary film about human’s life in one day. People from all over the world took part in this film-project. They sent their videos on youtube and then became a part from this historical experiment about “Life in one day''. This is truly a large-scale movie that can change the worldview of each of us, first of all because this movie is real life. This film gives us the possibility to feel what the life is and how this life can be. Just imagine how many craziest things are happening today, on 19.08.17, how many children are born, how many people have died, how many people overcame their fear, how many people learned how to swim, how many people are married and how many divorced, how many people loose the meaning of life and how many have found it. It’s madness what can happened in one simple day. This film offers us the possibility to look at the reality of our life and the planet, on cynicism, severity, happiness, disappointment.. What else I liked more about this movie is that all people were asked 3 simple questions. What are you afraid of? What's in your bag? Who do you love? And every person answered differently, like someone loves god and fears that unbelievers will suffer in hell, someone loves cat and fears spiders. How are we all so different, but at the same time the same, how different our life is, but its is one for all. This film allows us to go around the globe, see and feel how people think, what is important for them, and most importantly how they live. Because life is the main thing!

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