Wednesday, 20 September 2017


 Cap- Asos, Top- Brandy Melville, Jeans- H&M, Sandals- Mango

Sunday, 17 September 2017

CINEMA DAY: Kis Uykusu/Winter sleep (2014)

"Wintersleep" is a three-hour conversation film in which the whole drama is hidden in dialogues. It is worth to mention that this film has received a golden palm on the Cannes Festival in 2014 and won the hearts of many directors. 
The story is about a man named Aydin, a former actor who opened a small hotel somewhere in Anatolia. In winter, when the snow falls on the Anatolian steppe, Aydin stays alone with two women - a recently divorced sister and wife, who doesn’t love him for a long time. 
Usually, when the film is good, we can speak so much about it, but this film is different, we need to listen to it very and very attentively. This film is built on dialogues, which everyone understands in different ways. 
"Winter sleep" is a philosophical masterpiece, which is for the "thinking viewer". And it's masterpiece because of the dialogues (as I said before): about the problems of societies, about non-standard ideas, for example how to defeat the crime, and just about the people’s relationships. Conversations between main characters automatically immerse us in this wrapped atmosphere of reflection and we quietly enter into a dialogue with them. 
Actor's play is at the highest level. The scenery is as detailed as it can be: there is nothing superfluous, everything has sense. 
I can compare this film with “Toni Erdmann”, they both are very good, but you can’t say a lot about what you have seen in them, coz the meaning is lost, we should listen these movies with our ears.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Thursday, 14 September 2017


September became my favorite month in a year, coz it's a month of fashion inspiration. Cool pieces, unusual outfits, and a lot of talented people, who are getting together in one place, create new trends and inspire people with their appearance.

I'm one of those people, who finds inspiration in photos and FW is a paradise for creating chic, bright, stylish and unusual looks. My favorite FW’s are in Paris and New York, so I made I personal list about the best outfits from NYFW Spring' 18. 
Caps, berets, oversize jacket, cool sneakers, gucci pieces, stiped skirts, 90s sunglassies, denim jumpsuits, floral dresses are more other are adorable by all fashion people this year. So let's see!
 Here we don't need a lot of words, here we need to enjoy!

Sunday, 10 September 2017


Andrei Zvyagintsev made me love Russian films. I’m a big fun of his works and he is also one of my favorite directors. I watched almost all of his movies and each of them are so penetrating and realistic. 

Like all of his fans, I like him, because his movies are about real world. Some people don’t like him, because he shows Russia not in the best way, but I think it is stupid. Firstly, this is not a life namely of Russia, it can be in all countries and secondary, it is the real life and it can’t be everywhere good and all people can’t be strong and happy. Then why directors should film only movies with happy endings where everything is good? 
We are different, some of us struggling with problems and never give up, but some of us just feel miserable and all that they can do is to drink vodka and to be sad, we should not condemn others coz they don’t live the life, that we think it’s right to live. WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT and each of us look at this life in a different way. And it’s very stupid to accuse Zvyagintsev that he shows only negative part of life, he has his own ideology, he films about what he had seen in his life and none of us can’t say that there are no such situations in life as unfair government, treasons, inactive policemen, corruption, betrayal, mercantile spirit, loveless and weak people. This is a life and his task to show such situations to open our hearts and minds and to make us look from the side on what we did with our lives and if it is normal to transform our life in such nightmare? 
The film “Loveless” is about a life where love doesn't. No love between a couple, between parents and child, everyone has their own life, only child suffers from the lack of love and caress, these makes him just disappear and you know, almost nothing changes. 

If you are a person, who loves to think and who is not afraid to be realist, then this film is for you.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Saturday, 2 September 2017

CINEMA DAY: Laurence anyways

Laurence Anyways (2012) 

Director: Xavier Dolan 
If you ask me about my favorite film director, I’ll definitely answer that it’s Xavier Dolan. My acquaintance with Xavier happened while watching the movie “Mommy”, after which I fell in love with him. This film left an indelible impression after watching. And till now “Mommy” remains one of my favorite films and furthermore I think that Xavier made a great work and he is a genius coz every detail, every moment is conveyed so realistically that you are not even though immersed in this atmosphere. His every movie is an art, coz his impeccable style to film, actors, dialogues and music merge into one and thus forming a masterpiece. So, as you could understand, I watch all his films, the last one was “Juste la fin du monde”, but this Saturday I want to do a review about “Laurence anyways”. 
This movie is about a professor, who works in college, writes his first poetic book and lives a happy life with his girlfriend. But there is a problem; he feels uncertainty being in a male body, he feels like he should be a woman. All begins when his girlfriend finds out about his decision to change his gender. Then we plunge into a three-hour scene that shows us the life of a man who decided to become a woman, shows the labor through which he passed, the support of a beloved girl and finally the reassessment of values and the adoption of an important decision in life. And if you think that this is a film about transsexuals, then I want to disappoint you,well, or rejoice, coz this movie is about very beautiful and strong love story, which doesn’t know any barriers. 
In this film you will not see the transformation and operations, it isn’t important at all, the most important thing to see is what people go through, what they do for the sake of gaining freedom, of trying to find themselves and to find that without what thing they will not be able to live. “Laurence Anyways” is a good example, which shows that love and support are the main things in human’s life. 
Do you know what I love the most of all in Xavier? He has talent to show trivial problems, such as love, relationship with society, family, parents, but also his unusual vision which made typical films about love, which could be filmed by millions of other directors, the unusual ones.