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Exactly a week ago I and my friends were in Vienna. We rent a car in Budapest, because it costs twice cheaper than the way with bus or train. A car for a day costs 60 Euro, and there were 3 of us, so it was only 20 Euro for a person, but bus or train cost 28 euro in one direction per person, that is why car was the best solution in our situation and also it’s more comfortable of course. We arrived in Vienna around at 2 o’clock and we had only one day to explore the city before we had to return back in Budapest. I know it’s very little time for such a beautiful city, like Vienna but it’s better than nothing.  At first sight Vienna seemed to me to be very pompous city (in a good way). This city is all about beautiful buildings (coz each of them seems to be a work of art), incredible castles, expensive places and best schnitzel and theatres in the entire world. Vienna is cultural center of the world and from ancient times to today, it remains an aristocratic and solemn city. That was the expression Vienna left me with.  But I like it and I wish I return there, coz I want to feel Vienna from the inside and not only its central places. Even so I have couple of recommendations about MUST SEE spots. So, let’s go...

I have not much to say about transport, except for subway. One ride costs 2.20 Euro, so if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on transport, just buy one ticket to the center and from there walk by foot. In this case you will have opportunity to see all beautiful streets.
State Opera House (Opernring 2) - Vienna isn’t Vienna without opera. It’s just the main thing that characterizes the city. Opera, schnitzel, strudel and coffee, it’s what you must do in Vienna. If you want to visit it, you have to buy tickets in advance on the Internet, but if you just like me, do not  make it, just come there and see this magnificent building.
Hofburg (Michaelerkuppel, 1010 Wien) - There isn’t enough adjectives in my vocabulary to describe as beautiful as possible the incredible buildings of the Wien, but I still want to advise you so much. Anyway I’ll have to be repeated. Hofburg is a paradise. It’s was used like a residence of the Austrian Habsburgs and now it’s a residence of president. At this place you have to spend at least a couple of hours, because this place is incredibly beautiful and also there is located Sissi Museum, which is really worth to see. I know some interesting stories about Elisabeth, so I’ll tell you immediately, in order to inspire you to visit this museum. As you probably know, Sissi was Empress of Austria. So, she was addicted traveler. She traveled with a retinue of 70 people. They carried not only her dresses, boxes of cosmetics and “fitness equipment”, but also their own goats and other living creatures, as Elisabeth loved and considered it useful to drink fresh milk of proven quality. At first they tried to transport cows, but cows don’t tolerate pitching at sea. So they limited themselves with goats. 
Another fact is that she was obsessed with her appearance. Her dignity was her hair and that’s why her personal hairdresser had to show Her Majesty all the hair lost during combing, the number of which was recorded in a special notebook.
And the last one is that she had always a syringe and cocaine in her first aid kit. By the way, these syringe and aid kit are still kept in this museum.
Volksgarten (Volksgarten, 1010 Wien) - This place was created for chilling and walking. So beautiful it is with a lot of flowers, grass and again with gorgeous buildings.
Pestsaule (Graben 26, Вена 1010) – is a monument dedicated to the plague, which killed about 75,000 people during only one year. This place is something what everyone should see.
Rathaus (Friedrich-Schmidt-Platz 1, 1010 Wien) -  It’s the best place for summer nights, because now there is a film and food festival, where you can go in the evenings, watch something on a big projector located at Rathaus’s building.
St. Stephen's Cathedral (Stephansplatz 3, 1010 Wien) – is a very attractive cathedral. Be sure to go up to the roof of the cathedral and you will see a beautiful panorama of the city of Vienna
Hundertwasser Village (Kegelgasse 36-38, 1030 Wien) - is one of the most popular houses in Wien, I think. And everybody, who loves unusual architecture and great spot locations, please, COME here!
Michaelerplatz (Michaelerplatz 4, 1010 Wien) - People, taxi, excavations, carriages, a lot of things on one square. There is one drawback. And a lot of horses and so it stinks very much.
Café & Restaurant:
Eissalon am Schwedenplatz (Franz-Josefs-Kai 17, 1010 Wien) – has the best gelato in the city, I swear! It’s just yuuummm, 3 scoops cost 2.70 Euro.
Centimeter I (Lenaugasse 11 | Beim Rathaus) is a place where are the biggest portions of schnitzel and I am not joking, they are huge. One portion consists of 2 schnitzel, French fries and sauce. All of these will cost 8.90 but I swear, you will leave the place with full stomachs.

Trip to Wien is a great chance to close your gaps in history coz there is so much history in these streets, but also a great opportunity to eat well, to gaze all over and to fall in love with one more city I visited this summer. 


 St. Stephen's Cathedral


 Somewhere in Wien



 Eissalon am Schwedenplatz

Hundertwasser Village

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