Tuesday, 22 August 2017


 Top & Jeans- H&M, Sneakers- Nike

Hey, hey! I woke up because of cold, autumn came here too fast, outside is +16 and I forgot to close the window, so now im laying in bed with layers of blankets in order to get warm, not the best summer, i will say. Not only that this summer is cold so I still have not managed to go to the sea, but I wish I could be there right now. If I had superpower, I would choose teleportation. Because that's how I could be now in Portofino, drinking beer and swiming in the sea. And in general it would be a great way to travel without wasting time and money. I'm planing to watch "The wire", I'm in love with this serial, have already watched first season and can't get enought. Which serials are you watching now?

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