Saturday, 26 August 2017

CINEMA DAY: Captain Fantastic

 Captain Fantastic (2016)
Producer- Matt Ross
The film "Captain Fantastic" received the "Special View of the Cannes Festival" award in the nomination "Best Director" and not without reason. I don't know from where to start writing about this film. Captain Fantastic is about hippie. Do you ever wonder how the hippie’s life changes after the marriage and the birth of children? This film is one of more possible variants of hippie’s life. This family lives in the forest, away from society and imposed labels. The main purpose of the head of the family is to raise children as kind and honest people.  The life without people isn’t a hindrance to development. They all study, speak several languages, read and then analyze books, understand philosophy and quantum physics, and most importantly they live in harmony, not only with themselves, but also with nature.
The only downside is that they are not adapted to society. And here it all begins when children go out from the forest, fall in love with somebody, find out what the Internet and social networks are. This is the real test for them, how will they change, what will they become and what will they choose?

For me, this film is permeated with kindness and a free spirit; it makes you think about the freedom of the individual not only in society, but also in the family. It is difficult to describe the feelings after this film, but they are definitely very warm. When I think about it for long time, there is a desire to leave this mad city with your loved one and to go somewhere in a deserted place, to build a house, to see nature every day, to read a lot of books, to talk, to dance, to climb the mountains and to forget what time and human fuss are.

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