Tuesday, 8 August 2017


I am a person, who is inspired by photos. They are an integral part of my life. I love to take photographs and to be photographed. I think that photo is a pictorial art of 21st century. Photos as well as painting give us possibilities to stop the time and to feel the moment of a certain period of life. Photography is as an attempt to consolidate the past, in spite of the galloping time. That’s why this post is all about inspiration, namely inspiration for attractive outfits and good spot locations in order to make some perfect photos, which others will want to save in favorites!

 Natalia Vodianova

Beidget Hall (Vogue Italia 2002) 

 Aimee Song
 Bella Hadid (at Alexandere Vauthier)
 Anya Chipovskaya (for instylerussia, in Dior dress)
 Brigitte Bardot
 Sahara Ray
 Sahara Ray
 Delilah Parillo
 Danielle Anabi

Mimi Elashiry

 by Marius Sperlich

 Caroline Corinth & Fred Scahill

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