Friday, 18 August 2017


Hey guys! I'm just back from my little trip visiting Budapest and I'm already missing it. There was so damn cool. I like everything about Budapest: architecture, bridges, views from above, goulash, baths, streets, pubs, prices …EVERYTHING. Budapest has only 2 downsides: a lot of bums and gypsies, it’s really a big problem I think, because bums sleep everywhere, sometimes it’s hard to find a spot to sit, because there is sleeping a bum. But even these downsides couldn’t get in the way of me falling in love with this city. I have so many impressions and I feel so inspired after that trip that I just can’t believe that it’s a reality. Sometimes I thought that I slept and I don’t want to wake up from this dream ever. I love traveling so much and this year was everything about to explore new places, which make me feel the happiest human in this world. I really begin to believe that my new year’s wishes are fulfilling. And now I know that soon it will be even better.
Today I want to be your guide through Budapest, if someone is thinking to go there, I found so many interesting places, baths, cafes and pubs, which everyone HAVE TO visit.
If you don’t want to spend a lot of money for transport, then use flixbus or polskibus. For example we bought tickets from Wroclaw to Budapest for 15.6 euro and I think it’s very cheap. If you travel from other countries use Rayinair, they have a lot of profitable offers. Also use the site to see all cars, trains and buses, which are going in a certain country and on a specific day.
Metro is cheap in Budapest. You can take a ticket for 72 hours and it will coast only 12 euro. And this ticket is available not only for subway, but also for buses, boats (in week days) and trams.
Gellert Hill and Statue (Buda, District 1 | next to Citadella) - there is a breathtaking view at entire Budapest. It’s my favorite place there, especially in the night, when everything becomes magical.
Liberty Bridge (Vamhaz Korut, Budapest, Hungary) - Budapest has the most beautiful bridges in the world, I swear, and they are the most beautiful thing I saw there.
Parliament (Kossuth Lajos tér 1-3) - the architecture is fantastic and also it’s the best place for photos. Visit it!
Shoes on the Danube Bank (Id. Antall Jozsef rakpart | right on the bank, between Roosevelt ter and Kossuth ter) - a monument dedicated to the Jews. The monument is presented in the form of a large number of pairs of shoes, which immediately make you think about the cynicism of the fascists. Saving bullets, the fascists shot at the first of the chain of people who were connected to each other, after which the body fell from the quay into the waters of the Danube, carrying away the living ... And before this torture, the victims were removed from the shoes. Worthy of that to visit it!
Heroes' Square (Andrássy út | Next to City Park in the VI. District) -The entire Hungarian history in one square with an incredibly constructed monuments
Széchenyi thermal bath (Budapest, Állatkerti krt. 9-11) - it’s the most popular bath in Budapest and in the same time the coolest. There are a lot of swimming pools with different temperature, beginning with +4 and ending with +40, there is also a lot of saunas of different of types: Turkish, Finnish, with salt, with herbs, for everyone’s taste.
Gellért thermal bath (Budapest, Kelenhegyi út 4) - there is not a huge choice for saunas, but there is sooo beautiful, swimming pools are beautiful and just everything it on point. Highly recommended!
Café, Restaurants & Pubs:
Drum Café (Budapest, 1074, Dob u. 2) This is my favorite café with large and tasty portions, which cost cheap (my perfect option). There are always a lot of people, so to take a table you'll have to stand in the queue for 30 minutes.
Szimpla Kert (Budapest, Kazinczy u. 14) - best pub, with epic atmosphere and architecture. There are 3 floors with different rooms and every room has its own atmosphere, that why you can watch a black and white movie, or to attend the concert, or to dance, or just to sit and to smoke shisha.
Fecske Presszo (Budapest, Baross u. 10) -There you can it Hungarian dishes and also they have yummy breakfast, which coast only 2.5-3 euro.
Leves Gyorsétterem (Budapest, Vámház krt. 14) - if you are missing soups, then this place sells the most delicious soups.

Budapest has a lot of cool spots, every spot is awesome and I wish I’ll return next year for Sziget and also will continue to explore this energetic and cool city.

 (Hercegprímás utca 9-15)
 (Arany jános utca 19-21)


(view at Gellert Hill and Statue)

(Gellert Hill and Statue)

 (Szimpla Kert)
 (Vaci utca 16-18)
(Liberty Bridge)

 (Szabadsag ter)
(Gellért thermal bath)

(Széchenyi thermal bath)
(Heroes' Square)

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