Wednesday, 19 July 2017


This weekend in Hamburg was so damn cool and I feel very happy with everything what has happened in these 3 days. I don’t know how to explain in words everything what I feel and think. I’m so happy now, I have a lot of thoughts but when I start talking I don’t know with what to start, I just want to smile and to show the photos in order to move you mentally to the Hamburg with me. It’s the first time that I feel I’m really happy, that I love life, that I live, that dreams really come true (even smallest, because I finally bought my Nike air max 95, which I wanted for very long time) and I feel that I want to explore more and more and best is yet to come.
In Hamburg everything was perfect: transport, apartment, food, views- EVERYTHING. Like a little tradition I want to share with you with my experience, must see spots, transport and food.
I traveled with my friends, we were 5 and when we went to subway we had to buy tickets, we found a very good offer. One ticket for a group of people for 9 hours and it costs 11.80 and for one person it was only 2.36 and by this price you can use subway, buses and boats, which was super cool for us, because we wanted to go boating, to feel like we are in Venice ha-ha.
I found there my favorite spots and when I’ll come back, and I’ll definitely come back, I’ll go there again. Elbstrand Ovelgonne it’s one of the best places in Hamburg with good view on Elba, with spacious beach and cool cafes. (You can go there with boat 62 and it will be the last stop.)
Another spot it is of course Reberbahn, the German call it sinful mile. It’s a street where you forgot about everything and just have a loooot of fun. When we were there, it was carnival and everywhere I saw drunk and happy faces, with beer, music, dances and songs. This street is full of debauchery but people just enjoy and feel happy there. What more do we need?
Elbphilharmonie is a breathtaking building, which you need to visit (the entrance is free). This building offers an excellent view of the entire Hamburg.
When you visit Hamburg you have to go to Heide Park (40km away from Hamburg), it’s the second biggest attractions park, which has super scary RC and nice locations. I think I have never screamed like when I was there. The entrance costs 40 euros, but it definitely worth it.
After park we were heading home, but decided to go to Berlin for a night walk and when I was there I just can’t stop smiling and squeaking and jumping, because I was in my favorite city in the entire world. I walked around the night Berlin with only one thought- “I want to live here; this is my city». And I know, the dreams come true.
So ya, it was my super happy weekend. Summer continues. How is yours?
P.S. I forgot my camera at home, so all photos were made only by my phone, sorry about quality <3



Elbstrand Ovelgonne

Somewhere in Hamburg

Heide Park


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