Saturday, 29 July 2017


Top, Culottes- H&M, Sandals- Asos, Bag- Mango

Hello again. Hope you are doing fine! I woke up a few hours ago but I feel sick, tired and don't want to leave my bed. Yesterday I was at the gym and after that rode a bike around 12 km, so today my boodies and legs are burning. I just finished watching "The night manager" and now I need to go to eat something and then I will probably go for a little walk, if I don't die of a headache in my bed. By the way, I can go to the lake... Yes.. really. This good idea just crossed my mind, so i'll not go for a walk, I'll go to the lake, will beachin' little bit, especially when here is +27 (super hot for Görlitz).  Now I should better write about my look, because it's still a fashion blog.
 It's quite unusual for me to wear such the culottes, because I used to wear boring clothers, like shorts and simple tops, but I decided to get out of my comfort zone and to buy these throuses and you know, I feel very good wearing them. They are very comfortable and make me feel like a flying girl..hhaha..I mixied them with this cute lace top and black, gladiator sandals..look very nice. What do you think? P.S. would be very nice too if you wear sliders instead of will be perfect. Stay chic!

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