Friday, 7 July 2017


 Jacket- Asos, T-shirt- H&M, Shorts- Brandy Melville, Sneakers- Nike

This look shouldn’t become a look for my blog, I just wanted to take a photo for my Instagram, but I fell in love with this kind of vintage, 90s look and also I had a lot of photos with this look on my phone that’s why I decided to share with you more photos of this outfit (sorry about quality) but I just wanted to share with you my feelings and thoughts. 
I remember that day, it was Saturday evening, about 8 pm, it was raining but my mood was directly opposite to the weather. I felt so inspired and thankful about everything what I have in my life, I jumped carefree in the rain and sang like a child but with terrible voice (I love to sing, but I have no voice, but I still keep scaring everyone with my voice). I’m still in Görlitz and recently I have realized that I won’t be able to live in a small town. Some years ago I dreamed to go somewhere in a small town with narrow streets with a few people and just to live a calm life. But now everything has changed, for example, Görlitz is a good, old city, here were made a lot of films, here are a lot of beautiful spots, the architecture is stunning and it’s seems like a utopia. But not for me, I’m a person, who needs to live in a big city with subway, with a lot of different shops, cafes, pubs, with a lot of events and possibilities, with a lot of cinemas and exhibitions and, the most important, with a lot of people. I love people (no matter how cruel they can be sometimes) but I love to keep watching over them, to see what they do, how they behave, to see a lot of new tourists every day, I think it’s cool. By the way, soon I’m going to Hamburg and it means that there will be a lot of photooss. I’m so happy. 
Tell me what is your dream location? A big city or a small town? It would be great to read your comments! Stay chic! See you…

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