Thursday, 27 July 2017


 T-shirt- Zara, Shorts- American Apparel, Sneakers- Nike

Last weekend me and my bfriend were in Potsdam and in Berlin, it’s about 3-3,5 hours from Görlitz. For this little trip we found a very good option, which is offered by DeutscheBahn. They have a lot of profitable options to travel around Germany and the whole Europe. For the weekend they have so called “schönes Wochenende Tickets”, this ticket gives you an opportunity to travel Saturday or Sunday from 00 to 03:00am around Germany with all trains and subways. The price is cheap, especially when travel with a group of people. The price for one person is 40euro for two 44, for three 48 and for five is 56. So if you travel with five, you spend only 11 euro per person and you can travel wherever you want. I find it very cool and budgetary. 

In Potsdam I was for the first time and there was super cozy. The houses there, especially in center, are very small and you feel there like a giant, but the street are very broad, which was a bit unusual for me after all these cozy, narrow, old streets. We went in Potsdam for Sanssouci castle and I was so happy when we finally got there. The territory of this castle is huge, distance from the entrance to the castle takes 30 minutes and while you are going there you can dive into an atmosphere in which Friedrich II lived. There is everything. Little pound with floating ducks in it, fountain with golden fishes, different sculptures, beautiful arbors, flower garden, vineyards and more and more…just a breathtaking beauty. 
From Potsdam with the S-bahn you can reach to Berlin. In Berlin I was for the third time, but I’m so happy every time when I’m there, so despite the fact that my legs were hurting so bad, I continued to walk. We walked 25 km, very tired but with happy faces and with döner in left hand. By the way we find the street Badstrasse, it’s a Turkish region, but only there you can by the most delicious döner only for 1.50euro. 

So ya, it was my little weekend trip. Stay tuned! Soon will be new post. Love ya, baes!
Potsdam 23/07/17

Berlin 23/0717

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