Wednesday, 21 June 2017


Dress and Shoes- Asos, Choker- BrandyMelville, Bag- Mango, Watch- Daniel Wellington

How is it possible that we, humans, are in the same time identical and different? I mean, that not all people for us are important, we don’t care about them, but there is always a group of special people for us. They stand out from the background of others. Their annoying laugher becomes your favorite, their smell, their stupid jokes, their manner of chewing a gum, their gait, their usual movements, every muscle, everything, becomes for someone special. We become not just passers-by, but more than just a usual passer, we are special. 

And do you know why we are connected? Because every person has another special person for the other one, you have that one, but that one finds you not special and for him somebody else is special, but this somebody else finds you special and so on ad infinitum. All these toils intertwine, forming a strong circle with the name “special one” in which all people of this planet serves. These attempts to find special ones are repeated endlessly in this human circle. Do you think it would be possible if all people on this planet will find that special one… with special manner of speaking, of hugging you, of feeding you with the best porridge in the mornings, with cozy hoodies, which you always will steal from him…? 
I just wanted to say that for someone we are special, for someone we are everything and we must live with this thought and we shouldn’t forget about it.

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