Monday, 19 June 2017


 Top- The Ragged Priest, Shorts- American Apparel, Sneakers- Nike

Yesterday we, me and one of my friends have ridden 9 km on our bikes, my legs and booties are hurting so bad, but it's okay. I was really happy to ride a bike again, because I don’t have my own one and when I see a bike, the first thing that I do is put a question about cycling for a while. Now my bfriend has bought this pretty light blue bike and I think I will steal it from him and will lose with bike around the city. After cycling we went to a little lake with a lot of ducks, which we were feeding while drinking some beer at the same time. Shoter to say, it was very fun and cozy, like these kind of summer days. Now I'm going to the gym, that’s why I wish you a good day, eat cheese, read books and bronze. Kiss..

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