Monday, 5 June 2017


Jacket- Zara, Leggings- Puma, Sneakers- Saucony
Hey guys! I'm here again, we haven’t seen about 6 months now and it was very long time, I know. Some of you probably is engaged or have finished school or Uni, some of you have moved to another country, some of you have made first brave deed, some of you have done what you had been afraid of all your entire life, some of you had first kiss, some of you fell in love for the first time, some of you have learned how enjoy the moment, some of you are very happy because you were given a Chanel bag and some of you are happy because you can see the sunset. Life is so dizzy and we are at the same time both equal and different. And this fact makes me crazy. Anyway I’m here today and I want to narrate my 6 months story. I want to tell you everything, ok. Almost everything, starting with where I have been and finishing with my monthly favorites (movies, TV shows, books, and music).
This spring was so difficult for me, not only in the Uni but also in personal life. My boyfriend has moved to another country and it was very hard for me. I missed him every second and I couldn’t even fall asleep without his kiss in the forehead. But now we always try to see each other every month, we try to speak every single day, to chat as much as possible, to send photos and to tell everything what happens to us. Of course I miss him all the same, but it’s better that we can do for each other now. Yep, distance sucks, but we will not allow the distance destroy us. And I’m a naïve girl, who believes in better days, that’s why I KNOW: Everything is goanna be alright.
Next week I’m going to Germany, where he is living now, for all summer and this fact makes me feel like I’m the happiest human in the whole world. About Uni I can say that this year was veryyy annoying and hard. I had to write my first thesis in German and I almost forgot my English because I have no practice and all my strengths are directed to learning German, even now I write post in English and want to write a word in German.  And now I’m on that stage when I already speak bad English and I don’t know good German. That is not good.
By the way this spring, in April, I visited my boyfriend in Germany and we did a little trip to Dresden and Prague. This was really fun and attractive.  I wanted to visit Prague for a long time and it was like an ideal city for me, but to be true I was a little bit disappointment. I don’t want to say that it’s an ugly city, no, it’s very beautiful, the architecture is gorgeous, the views are impressive, the beer is awesome, but for me it was just a typical European city, without heart and something special and enigmatical. But it’s just my point of view. But if you ask about if it’s worth visiting, I’ll say YES. You should visit it.
About Dresden I can say that it has some building the same as there are in the USSR, but it’s normal because it was DDR, but I was very impressed by buildings in Altstadt. All those buildings were ruined during the Second World War, which were then rebuilt from the remaining pieces. The restoration of the center took almost 40 years and when you see it all alive, you just remain in shock and till the end you cannot realize what the colossal work has been done. So I remained very happy and satisfied.
Haha… I wrote so much and I need to stop writing because no one will read it. I'm interested, is here someone who reads what I tune up here?
Okok… I want to suggest some of my favorites and I’m done. I promise.

Favorite Films: The Truman Show (1998)
Two for the Road (1967)
Poesía sin fin (2016)
The Imposter (2012)
Suburra (2015)

TV-Shows:  The Young Pope (2016)
Penny Dreadful (2014)
Westworld (2016)
Ideal (2005)
Gomorra (2014)

Books:  "Школа для дураков" Соколов
 "A Clockwork Orange" Anthony Burgess
"1913. Der Sommer des Jahrhunderts" Florian Illies
"Oona & Salinger" Frédéric Beigbeder


Stay chic!

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