Thursday, 5 January 2017

DEAR 2016

Dear 2016 it’s time to reflect and to say goodbye!

2016 was really a good year and let me show you why.
As a child, I had a big dream – it was “travelling”. I wanted to see as many countries as possible, to learn something new about people, about their culture and in general about our crazy and beautiful world. 
2016 was exactly my first year, when I have felt that I am alive, this was a year with so many new things, emotions, experience and good people. I’m very grateful for all what this year has brought in my life.
It all started with a concert of my favorite music band “Bi-2”, where I just cried standing and couldn’t believe that I could see and hear them live. This was my first major concert in my life and I’ll never forget it.
My summer 2016 was very colorful and full of different memories. In the middle of the summer I was lucky to go again to Rome with my boyfriend, after that we were traveling around Italy and this time is unforgettable. We were in Florence and enjoyed the view from the Michelangelo square, we found the house where Dostoevsky has been living for 2 years and Dante Alighieri’s house and then tired of the heat, we were sitting on the Piazza della Signoria and eating Margaritta for 5 euros.
Next stop was Venice. Oooo… I remember those two days, the eternal paradise, where every corner was like a fairytale and I was sitting in the boat and couldn’t believe that I am really there, in Venezia. I was looking at these small channels, at the buildings and just exclaimed wowww.
Naples is a city with character, a city that doesn’t pretend to be cute and pretty, this city is just as it is. I want to come back there and I will.
Napoli - Pompeii - Sorrento.  Train for 2,50 euro. This is a price for my paradise. The first time in my life I saw a volcano, Vesuvius, which has destroyed Pompeii, and to this day. I was there in Pompeii, there, where in 460 B.C. have lived people, can you just imagine? When you see it with your own eyes, it’s like a window to the past, ohh… I know very few words to be able to describe all the feelings and beauty, which I experienced there. I can just suggest you to go there. The last stop was Sorrento. Now I know that the people do not lie when they say that the south of Italy is a fairytale. There is all perfect… nature… crystal water, weather, people… allallall
At the end of the summer I was lucky to go to my friend to Kiev and this trip hasn’t also been a disappointment me. This city is really very cozy and I like it. I also was in Bucharest, but I didn’t like this city at all. This city is definitely not for me.
On October 24th I was I Berlin. During this trip, I also managed to give a touch to the past and to see, what now is called history.
30th November for the first time I visited mother Russia, Moscow. I was happy that I have a possibility to visit this city, but to be true I don’t want to live there, maybe because people and atmosphere is the same like we have here in Moldova. I don’t know. But the fact remains. Anyway there are a lot of beautiful spots and every person should visit Moscow, too.
As you can see in 2016 there were so many repetitions of the phrase “for the first time” and I love this one the most. These words exactly show us the progress in our life and the feeling that we are alive. Except for travel, I read a bunch of books that changed me and made me better.  And I am grateful to them for this. I think books will always have the other part of my heart. Although I am not a great reader but surely we have a thing... <3
2016. I really felt like a grown up now. I’ve been able to reasonably dispose my budget, I’ve stopped buying unnecessary things, I’ve fallen in love even more with cool sneakers, I’ve managed to stop lying that much, I’ve learned to enjoy the small things and have learned to be who I am.’s time to say goodbye, dear 2016. You are my first and amazing stage of my life but the best is yet to come. I wish myself to learn to control myself, to be more attentive and patient and of course to read more good books, to meet people and to do traveling. I love you, my 2016.
2017: Everything you can imagine is real.
OMG I haven’t shared my thoughts with anyone for such a long time and now I’m sitting on my couch, eating oranges and writing again in my blog… wowww… this is weird. I know that no one reads my blog now, but I wanted to end my 2016 exactly this way. Blog is my life, I love it. I love to take photos, to share my thoughts even if in a day I have 0 viewing. I just love it. Then why I’ve stopped writing? I don’t know. I need time. But I’ll come back. Love all of you, and you, old 2016 Kate.

Italy, Rome Jul. 11-27 2016

Venice Jul.28-30 2016

Florence Jul. 11-12 2016
 Napoli, Aug 17 2016
Sorento Aug.17 2016
Pompeii Aug. 17.2016
Kiew, Aug 28.2016

Berlin, Sep 24-28 2016

Moscow Nov 30-4 Dec 2016

Home, 2016.

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