Monday, 1 February 2016


The future hair trends from the Paris, Milan, London and New York Fashion Week runways. 
The hair for the Spring/Summer is all about a messy, natural, usable and minimal. Coolest trends for your hair in this season are: minimal, grange and natural style. All that you will be able to do at home and of course to stay stylish and beautiful!
Cute and youthful pigtails paired with metallic barrettes and headbands, this is an easy and pretty trend to follow for next spring. 

Half up Top Knots
 If you are more madcap then a lady- grange style is your perfect style. You should look like you didn't get your hairbrush with you have just come from the gym: messy, natural, clear with a little bit of sweatiness. Top knots are a greatest trend for this season and it's also the perfect look for a day walking around the city or heading to the beach.

 I love curls, they always add more chic and sexiness to any outfit, make any girl look so feminine, so atractive and sooo gorgeus. If you too like curls like me you definitely should do it!

 Tight Chignon & Tail
This minimal look is for the sweetest girls. Fresh hair perfectly combed and stacked in a neat tight chignon or in a tail. And if you adore this kind of hair styles it is the super cool alternative for the season. 

 Gorgeous, silky waves are the perfect way to spend your evening meetings with.

Bombshell Waves
 Bombshell waves look perfect for the beach or just for anywhere, actually. This sexy look is perfect for the spring season. I think that with bombshell waves you become like an beautiful angel from the VS.

This hairstyle can be done in a couple of minutes but look how atractive and stylish it looks?! Just make it and you will say a big THANKS to it. The braids have many advantages, for example your hair will not interfere even if outside is very windy, you will look sexy and people will make you a lot of compliments. 
These were all the hair trends that I wanted to share with you. Choose your hairstyle and make it crush. Good luck and of course stay chic!

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