Thursday, 5 February 2015


 All my life I was dreaming about one trip with boyfriend or with BBF. And to my wishes come true. This summer was extremely happy because I was travelling with my BFF in Greece and after that with my boyfriend in Italy. I can't explain with words what I felt in those moments. Just imagine; you, your close friend,beautiful city, beer,different sweeties, inspiration and of course fashion.
All day you walking, just feel happy..and you don't want it to ever ended because now you have all in what you was need. but unfortunately all we here in Moldova. And all what we have now it just memories and beautiful photos.
 I still want to believe that once upon of time I with my lovely boyfriend will vizit gorgeus Rome again! We should do this!!

                                                          My Jesus is always with me
                                                                   Laduree Paradise

                                                                My dream..ohh(((
                                                              Little bit of wildlife

                                                                          Cutest babe
                                                                      That is me.

                                                                   And of course pasta..
Tell me pleace if you love to travel and what is your favorite country?
                                                                                                                                   Stay chic!

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