Friday, 31 October 2014


ooo...good morning guys! unfortunatelyl i am come back in moldova and i can't explain how i'm sad to be here. Atmosphere, people, home...all destroys me and makes  feel miserable. ok..actually italy is not country where i wish to leave and i can't tell that i'm totally in love with Rome!but it is much better than our country.
 I was in Rome probably 2 month and Italy became dearer to me than my house for all years. I'll miss these evening walk on the piazza navona with my boyfriend, these little beautiful streets, these stores, these food. i'm think how leave this fucking country and to live simple, cozy european life with my close friends.


  1. Great post♥

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  2. Very ugly to talk in this way about your country ..a blogger should be more positive ..p.s.please,learn english :)

  3. unfortunately I'm not a pozitive person but nevertheless I think that I can write here all my thoughts.
    About language?I know that I have some problems with it. but I believe that sooner or later will speak and will write correctly. That why I write here specially to teach and maybe will be progress.