Tuesday, 29 August 2017


 Dress- H&M, Slides- Adidas

This is my last post from Germany, tomorrow I'm leaving for Moldova to start university. I’m literally crying because Gorlitz has become home for me during these 3 months, here I found friends, saw the lovely sunsets and what is the most here lives my boyfriend. It will be very hard to be on long distance relationships again, but we need to think positive coz not the distance rules the relationships but love! I wish I’d be here again very soon. I’ll woke up with a person I love, will make breakfast, will hug, will kiss, and of course I will be furious with everything sometimes, but this is a small matter, coz we will be together. Returning in Moldova means like returning in jail for me. Coz seriously living in Moldova on a permanent basis is bullshit, there are no conditions for a good life and also I can’t find anything to make myself feel in harmony with the rest of the world and myself. Ugly architecture, terrible roads, a lot of people, who gossip and laugh behind your back, low salaries which prevent people from traveling and seeing the beauty of our world and a lot of other miserable things (but the wine, the wine is good). Fashion is also one of weak points, when you wear something bright and unusual; all people just stare at you and gossip and even can say offensive words. The most problem for me as a blogger is to find a spot for photoshoot coz everything I see is literally looks like Pripyat, except for a high amount of kids and old people.  Moldova only is good for a couple of weeks and then you should leave it, it my personal point of view. It’s a pity to say so about my home country, I just feel so much pressure as I couldn’t take a deep breath and feel myself free to do whatever I want as I do in Europe. So I make a wish to move and to live in Germany, because here I can be inspired, I can live and create in safety and happiness. What other thing we can call home if not that one where you feel happy to be awake and alive!

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