Tuesday, 4 July 2017


 Top&Short- H&M, Sneakers- Adidas

This outfit I wore probably 3 days ago when me with my boyfriend went to Dresden. That trip was very cool and interesting with shopping, old buildings, hippie districts and a lot of food and this trip definitely will remain for me only warm memories. In Dresden I was for the second time, but this second time was cooler than previous one, because this time I found a couple of interesting places, not typical ones, which all tourists adore but places where the people from Dresden hangout. For example Assi-Eck, a place where people sit on the streets, drink something, listen to music and chat to each other. This Eck is very cozy, narrow streets, graffiti on the walls and happy people. Another place is a lawn near Elba where you can go for a picnic or play socks or just lay on the grass and enjoy beautiful parts of Dresden.
Every time when I’m going somewhere for me it's very important to see the city from the inside, to feel the atmosphere, to see how people live, how they hang out, where they usually walk, where they drink coffee and more others. I think that it’s not enough when you are going somewhere and see only famous and typical sights of the city and that's all, it’s not right, because when you are living you have some kind of artificial and superficial impression of the city. You don’t know anything about it you just are there but don’t feel and live there. I think you understand what I want to say.
Now, I'm going to sleep, that's why I wish you sweet dreams. Eat pasta, listen to music and love each other. Love ya.
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