Tuesday, 25 July 2017


 Blouse & Skirt- H&M, Sliders- Adidas

I just finished watching movie „About time” by Richard Curtis and I feel so inspired that’s why I immediately grabbed my laptop to put down my thoughts. 
This movie has one simple idea tracing throughout the whole movie, which is to enjoy every moment. The main character has opportunity to travel in the past, to change some things and to make his life happier than it could be, but one day he realized that life was good in its own way and everything what happened was beautiful, and the main thing is that we just need to enjoy it. 
I don’t want to spoiler and to talk about other details, I just want to talk about this idea. It’s so simple and everyone has heard it for 10 000 of times but unfortunately in real life it doesn’t always work. 
We put enjoinment out of our minds, we live our lives as if we have millions of years ahead of us. It is not true! Our life is just a flash and while this flash is burning, we should enjoy it’s every glow. 
We don’t need time machines in order to travel in the past, to change something, we need to live our day like it’s the last one! I know, I know it sounds very cut and dried, but this movie showed this idea very clear and beautiful, that’s why I recommend you this movie. It leaves incredible desire to live and not to spend precious time sleeping, to love and not to waste time on quarrels and grievances. 

The movie “About Time”, even if it doesn’t teach us anything new, it still reminds you of the simple “rules” of life. To live and to rejoice and it will serve. 
P.S. The name of this movie in Russian sounds like “a boyfriend from the future” and it sounds soo awful, like a typical, stupid American comedy (but it isn't) and I didn’t want to watch it at first but now I have no regrets at all coz this movie just reminded me that I need to enjoy every moment of my life.

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