Tuesday, 27 June 2017


Top- Honey Punch, Shorts- Brandy Melville, Sneakers- Nike

I love weekend, because it’s always a good opportunity to go somewhere, to explore new places and to be with close people. This Sunday, me and two of my friends decided to go to the nearest, German towns. We found one old bridge from 1863 I think, than we stopped somewhere in forest for a little picnic with fruits. After that we went to a small town, which is on the border with Poland, the name is Bad Muskau, there is a beautifuuul castel, with a lot of greenery, flowers, trees, small pond and some floating ducks. I love Germany at least because here is a lot of gorgeous castles and my dream is to see Neuschwanstein Castle, hope someday I’ll make my dream come true. After our trip we returned home, took a little rest and then met again for a movie with pizza and beer. How do you usually spend your weekend?

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