Thursday, 7 January 2016


Beret- Pieces
Blouse- Zara
Shoes- Mango
Watch- Daniel Wellington
Choker- Asos.

Here we are, this is my first post in 2016 and I want to wish you all a good, productive year, full of love and of bit of hatred. To love, where its possiple to enjoy and to appreciate in full. Remember that all is just in your hands, never give up and just make this year better, stronger, crazier that the previous one. So the adventure begins. It was exactly a week since the new year has begun and in meantime I have been through a lot of adventures. In our country has finally snowed, can't believe it (I'm so happy about that), that's why me and my friends went sledding, playing snowballs, skating on the ice and then we drinking a lot of hot strong black tea. It was so much fun and I really appreciated this moment.We have also just got drunk and played guitar (giggle), eat sushi, went for one day to another country, drank hot chocolate and more other small but very pleasant moments. I'm already in love with you, year 2016. Think that everything will be all right. Make the 2016 incredible. Let’s make the 2016 our year! Ok? 
Good luck and see you soon, my little angels.

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