Saturday, 19 December 2015


Jacket- Asos
Blouse- Daisy Street
Shoes- Miss KG
Watch- Daniel Wellington
Scarf- Zara

When the thermometer drops below zero, it's time to improvise. To wear a parka or a jacket everyday is boring and uninteresting. That's why we all in need of winter accessories (hats, scarfs and gloves are our BFF for this season, don't forget it) they always do every cold outfit right and good-looking. I like to fantasy with different types of hats or scarfs because when I wear a jacket everyday they do every day different from the previous ones. Winter has officially come, unfortunately with no snow, but with frosts and that means it's time to get all your accessories and to put them on. Today I decided to wear a simple denim jacket from Asos with a checkered scarf from Zara and my old Miss KG shoes. Let me know what you guys are planning on accessories for the colder months. See you soon!

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