пятница, 5 декабря 2014 г.


hi guys, i think you don't forget me. i haven't been here for long time. but  finally i'm here with the new video about my trip to  Italy. I think it's so fun..I love my crazy goat who loves to travel..but  I  need in your comments. what do you think about my video with my own guide? giggle
and sorry that i didn't wrote here for a long time...now I promise that will post more articles with my winter outfits.
I don't know what happend with me...but i'm sooo lazy now. all day I lay on the couch,eat and watch  movies. ooo..but i have news for you...despite the fact that I'm lazy, finally I went to the gym and i'm proud about it. soon kate will be pretty baby with nice ass.
good night bunnies!

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  1. A true blogger should post regularly in order to gain followers ..you became uninteresting..no photos,no stories,no news about you ..just pesimistic facts about your ugly country,exams and how lazy you are ..